The Art of Negotiation for Women      

Do You Want To Get More of What You REALLY Want?

Do You Want...

  • To have better working relationships? 
  • To be a Confident Negotiator? 
  • To be more satisfied and happy with your results?
  • To increase your personal power of influence, and still keep your integrity? 

Instead of feeling…

  • Anxious that you have to negotiate like a man?
  • That you got less than what you deserve?
  • Regret that you gave away too much?
  • Like you're always waiting for them to do what’s “fair”?

We negotiate every day, in our professional and personal lives – every time we try to influence or persuade another person, we are negotiating.    It’s a critical life and business skill!   Your personal influencing power and the quality of your negotiation relationship are key indicators of a satisfying outcome.  Effective negotiation includes clarity of desired outcome and intention, confidence, relationship-building skills, strategy and preparation, as well as a satisfying outcome. 

Do you make any of these negotiation mistakes?

  • Not asking for what you want?  Not asking for enough? 
  • Giving an Automatic Yes?
  • Having unclear outcome goals?
  • Trying to “win” the negotiation?
  • Negotiating with men the same way you do with women?
  • Giving away more than you got?

Research indicates up to 80% of your outcome in negotiation is due to what you do prior to a negotiation – yet most people spend a few minutes, if any, in preparing for a negotiation.  That means you could leave a lot of the potential outcome (and income) on the table!

Do you Want the Keys?            


The Art of Negotiation for Women Program walks you through a systematic approach to negotiating powerfully and effectively. 

The one-day Art of Negotiation for Women Program provides you with the keys to negotiating your way, authentically and with integrity. You don’t have to negotiate “like a man” to negotiate successfully, even with men. You’ll want to know the secrets to negotiate confidently and be yourself, keep your cool, get what you want and still be “friends” afterwards.


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