It's Time for a Money Makeover!!


Is your wallet hung-over, all sad and empty after the holidays?

Are you still shell-shocked from holiday spending, and wondering what the heck just happened?

Are you ready to step up to the next income level, but every time you try, it seems like you get sabotaged with money issues?

Then you need a Money Makeover!!

The great news is that by following a few simple and easy steps I’m going to teach you, you can cure your holiday hangover and makeover your money situation for 2013. 

Now, if you’re already all uncomfortable reading this, that tells me you’ve got money drama and you need to be on this call!  I promise you, these steps are all simple to do. 

Join me and my good friend Michelle Leath as she interviews me about the three key steps to getting past your Money Drama and stepping into claiming your power with your money.  We’ll even take you through a simple first step exercise you can do right on the call that will clear a path to creating more money and less drama right away!

Michelle is a food psychology coach, who helps her clients break through their drama around food, so we’re also going to talk about the core mindset to a Money Makeover: How you do money is how you do everything.   There’s no accident that successful author Geneen Roth has written books about both food and money!

Drama just doesn't do a body good! We're going to show you how to get out of your money drama and into your money power. After all...

...Isn't this what you really want?

Go ahead and grab your seat on this call below!  And be sure to add your biggest challenge around money for 2013.  Can’t wait to hear you on the call!

Holiday Hangover to Money Makeover

Free Teleseminar Training on Thursday January 24, 2013 5 pm Pacific

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