VIP Private Consulting Day

If you crave more individual attention and the most direct path to the advice and strategy you need, Carrie occasionally consults for qualified clients during VIP Private Consulting Days. This is an entire day with Carrie (and your team, if desired), mapping out the next level of your personal, career or business growth, addressing any challenges you may be experiencing.

A VIP day is especially perfect for you if:

  • You want Carrie’s strategic and visionary brain, experience and expertise focused exclusively on your business or career
  • You want to get started quickly and see faster results, sooner
  • You prefer to work one-on-one and keep your discussions confidential
  • You don’t want to wait for 6 months of mentoring to get access to my BEST systems

Instead, let’s spend an entire day together crafting your unique Action Plan!

Together in one day we’ll accomplish what it would take to cover in 3 to 6 months. I will walk you through my systems and processes that are relevant to you, and train you on exactly how to apply them in your unique situation. You will leave with a clear action plan and accountability structures designed to get you immediate results.

You see, in a standard 6 or 12 month mentoring program, you still get access to some or all of my best systems - over the course of our time together.  This standardized approach works for many who want to take on bite-sized pieces, one at a time.

But if you want to get started fast, create your plan for momentum and then go forward on your own - and decide later whether to get further coaching support in implementing your action plan - then VIP Private Consulting Days are perfect for you!

Plus you will have access immediately to all the worksheets, done-for-you templates and checklists from your VIP Day, for your own private use.

And don’t worry, we don’t leave you hanging out there all alone at the end of our Day together! We’ll follow up our in-person time together with a private one-on-one phone conversation, to make sure you’re fully supported as you implement the steps we’ll have laid out for your quantum action plan.  (If you decide by then you need extra support, we’ve got you covered – we’ll custom design a six-month coaching package to match your needs.)

By mentoring with a visionary, strategic mentor you’ll be coached to achieve extraordinary breakthroughs and success in your business and in life!

“Before working with Carrie during my Claim Your Worth VIP Day Program, I did not have a business method on how to claim my own worth and a plan on how best to approach my ideal clients in a systematic manner. 

During my VIP Day, I gained a roadmap for working through valuing and pricing my programs authentically, and where to focus in my discussions with clients.  Having an experienced entrepreneur like Carrie provide her insight on my business efforts for a full day gave me solid take-aways that I can refer back to over and over again."

Carmel Murphy PT, CCPE


Here is a sampling of the key topics available during your VIP Private Consulting Day, leading to a measurable increase in your success and freedom:

  • Claim Your Worth and Make Money Doing What You Love!
  • Authentic Negotiation: Ask for & Get What You Want While Keeping Your Relationships Intact
  • Leap Forward: Discover Your Next Niche and Where to Reach Them
  • Authentic You®: Program Your Personal GPS for 2013
  • Your Authentic Business: Create the Owner’s Manual You Wish It Came With
  • Money Makeover: Heal Your Family Legacy and Create a New Sacred Relationship With Money

During your VIP Private Consulting Day I will also coach and mentor you on:

  • Breaking Through Past Unconscious Beliefs and Patterns
  • Authentic Feminine Leadership
  • Personal Boundaries and Relationship Integrity
  • Specific Accountability and Detailed Tracking of Your Success

VIP Private Consulting Days are available in-person in downtown Vancouver BC, as well as virtually over tele-conference or Skype. Virtual VIP Day sessions are recorded and you will recieve an audio recording afterwards.


To discuss your individual situation and begin the interview process to apply for a VIP Private Consulting Day please download and complete the Application Form:

VIP Private Consulting Day Application




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